AWP 2011, Washington DC

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Many thanks to Dana Collins for authoring a fantastic panel proposal and for inviting me to be on it.  I am happy to report the panel has been accepted, so I will be heading to DC early next year for AWP.  The panel is cross-genre, with poets and memoirists, including the always enlightening Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, as well as Catherine McKinley, author of The Book of Sarahs; and Precious Williams, author of Color Blind.  Williams is of Sierra Leonan and Nigerian hertiage raised in the British foster care system.  I am looking forward to reading with all of the panelists.  Here is the formal panel description:

Finding Identity in Cultural Margins: A Reading and Discussion on Transracial Adoption
Dana Collins, Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, Catherine McKinley, Lee Herrick, Precious Williams
For transracial adoptees, separation from biological lineage leads to searching for what defines family and home.  As adults, they straddle cultural margins between places of origin and places of migration.  Nowhere is this more evident than in their vivid personal testimonies.  From the Korean diaspora, from within America’s borders, and from the British foster system, come to a gathering of transracially adopted poets and memoirists reading from their work and discussing these potent themes.

  1. Very cool! Congratulations! 😀

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