ALA, SF, CA 5-29-2010

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I am honored to be reading at the 2010 American Literature Association Conference in San Francisco, California — Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.  The reading’s theme : going beyond the tropes in Asian American literature and poetics.  The other writers are stellar : Barbara Jane Reyes, Yunte Huang, and Viet Nguyen.  Visit the ALA website to register for the conference.


This has me thinking how expansive and rich this terrain has become — I’ve been interviewed on several occasions recently by graduate students who theses or dissertations focus on APA literature or poetics, as well as transnational adoptee authors.  When I began writing, there were not many around, if any.  When you see Cathy Park Hong, Oliver de la Paz, Paisley Rekdal, Esther Lee, Rick Barot, R.A. Villanueva, and others all in the same week, as I just did this week—in the same season we see new books by Sueyuen Juliette Lee and Sonya Chung—it is a very good time.  A strange time in many ways (the economy, the Tea Party)—but a good time to be writing and reading.

  1. […] funny, because later on this month (May 29, to be exact), I am reading with other API authors, Lee Herrick, Yunte Huang, and Viet Nguyen, at the American Literature Association conference; the theme of our […]

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